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What we do

We work really hard to make every cover as distinctive as possible and stand out from its neighbours on the bookshelf.

We have an extensive library of fonts  (we are passionate about typography and find new fonts hard to resist!) and love experimenting with colour and image. We usually produce 2 to 3 front cover options in varying styles. For setting up a new series we develop a template format, ensuring that it has the versatility to both adapt to, yet differentiate each new title. We can also create a series identity to brand it.

  • Non series & series

  • Fiction, non-fiction, educational & academic

  • Imprint or series logos

An image can be supplied or we can source an image. If we source, we make sure the image selection is appropriate in tone for the content of your book but also visually appealing to your readers.

If a single image isn’t going to fully convey the message, a blend of images can often work together effectively or sometimes a purely typographical solution works perfectly … and if something needs changing, we are adept at photo retouching and image manipulation. Once approved we proceed to full cover artwork.

  • Image sourcing

  • Photo retouching

  • Custom-made

The full cover artwork can be set up for printed paper case, paperback or jacket ensuring it meets with your printers specifications.

Spine blocking can be produced if required. Barcodes can be generated from your ISBN. We are able to work to tight deadlines and make sure we keep on top of amendments. Once the cover is complete, we provide finished artwork as a print ready high resolution PDF file as well as a front cover JPEG, PDF or TIF file for sales and promotion.

  • Barcodes

  • PPC, PB, jacket, POD & spine blocking

  • PDF, JPEG & TIF files

If you require marketing materials to promote your book, we can help.

We have had many years experience of designing and producing promotional material so whether it’s web banners for desktop computers and mobiles, posters and invitations to advertise your book launch or a complete printed sales catalogue, we are happy to assist. Send us your project requirements and we will get back to you with a price super quick!

  • Web banners

  • Launch invites & posters

  • Catalogues